What the best thing in the chap ?

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Not even Zoro 100% sure, just speculation. Kizaru, Ghandi Gorosei, Shiryu, Mihawk plenty of other good options for him other than Kizaru.
The point is Sanji always fights someone relative to Zoro's opponent, whether it be Commanders, Admirals, Gorossei or BBs Titanic Captains. That's never gonna change.
So according to the WG, Luffy=kid=law, but Luffy is an emperor because of his crew? Okay that makes sense I guess.
They believe:
Luffy Kid and Law are all equally dangerous due to their joint effort in destroying the two emperors.

However, only one of them had a crew able to take down an emperors crew.

Killer and Bepo don’t help their captains make the cut
You're right, though it's hilarious seeing the AdmiraL fans like his post, shows how deluded they are.
Green bull already did what seastoned hungry BM could do to all three fresh Calamities.:kobeha: Or what base Kaido does to a YC1-Lvl fighter.

Imagine putting Drakecule Mihawk at the top when literally nobody in OP right now cares about his ass enough to even make a passing remark on him.:joker:
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This makes even less sense

I assumed that kid, law, and Luffy had equal bounties because the WG was intentionally downplaying Luffy. But they use G5 Luffy for the wanted poster? Why?
It's Oda's way of saying that they are equivalent in power and that Luffy didn't surpass Kaido alone, probably Oda considers every help Luffy had to be equivalent to Kid or Law's contribution in defeating Big Mom, 50%.
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