What the best thing in the chap ?

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Kaido is still stronger than any admiral. Ryokugyu finishing off weakened commanders shoudn't change that. Base Kaido without ACoC ran over the Scabbards like a train. And Luffy should be ~ Kaido in a 1 on 1 and both being fresh.
I think with stating that Aramaki merely finished of "weakened" commanders (something we don't even know) you guys are undermining how much this chapter changes the power perception in Op and the community as a whole.

For years this stupid YC1 being anywhere close to an Admiral been thrown around which turned out to be an epic fail. A shit ton of arguments were run with that premise backing it up.

I think it should be clear now that any YC duo is no match for an Admiral and we aren't even talking about the guy that in canon stands above Ryokugyu
Fixed that for you

1 Fleet Admiral Akainu
2 Green Bull
3 Kizaru
4 Monkey D Dragon/Shanks/Blackbeard
5 Admiral Fujitora
6 Monkey D Luffy
7 Yonko Kaido
8 Roronoa Zoro
9 Old Out of Prime Rayleigh
10 Old out of Prime Garp
11 Old out of prime Sengoku
12 Big Mom
13 Dracule Mihawk

1- Kaidou.
2- BB.
4- Luffy.
People usually forget to add the "WHEN Sanji fights..." when talking about Sanji and Zoro matchups.
That's the problem.
Not even against Sanji fighting an admiral, I am simply offering other alternatives too taking into account Dragon, Sabo perhaps one of their commanders who stands out the most (imo Morley/Karasu), Kid, Killer, Law, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, the biggest fights would be split among them, Fujitora is another wildcard for turning on their side. If Aokiji avoids being killed by BBP then him too. Jinbei, Franky, Robin, just to name a few, and try different alternatives.
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