What the best thing in the chap ?

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"But Marco"
Marco has a fruit that makes him IMMORTAL, you cannot actually knock him out, you can overpower him physically, he can be down due to being out of stamina, but that's about it
Hell, Big Mom said she needed more soul weapons than him
The fact that Marco stalled King and Queen briefly doesn't mean much
Especially when Greenbull defeated them
Admirals=Yc1's is pure retardation at this point
But the copers will never accept that
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Another classic @Erkan12 meltdown??

So let’s recap how Oda systematically destroyed the Yonko title over the past few chapters:

1. Big Mom and Kaido killed by magma. You know it, I know it, the entire OP world knows it. New Yonko have been declared, King and Queen have gotten back up with no captain to lead them, and there is no one to contest Luffy and Buggy’s claims to the new Yonko spots lol.

All this ridiculous hype about “no one could kill this man!!” The Admirals. The Admirals can easily kill him.

2. Buggy being declared a Yonko. Fucking lol. @Tejas deleted his account when he read this shit.

3. Green Bull showing zero fear of three Yonko level fighters in Wano, and then neg diffing King and Queen simultaneously which no Yonko can do?

Bruh. The only way this could get any worse for Erkant is if Stephen Paul shows up.
No answer for how I negged you Greenbull wankers? :suresure::suresure::suresure:

You think LOSER Ling and Queen recovered faster than WINNER Lolo and Luffy? :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh:

Whenever you talk about Stephen Paul only shows that I am winning as usual because you talk about irrelevant Mihawk argument that nothing to do with Ladmirals, I also negged Mihawk wankers many times as I negged you.

Kaido surviving magma pool in a KOed form, only dies with a volcano erruption (if he died that is) still shows Lakainu can't hurt Kaido when Kaido was at full power :kuzanshut:

You Ladmiral wankers were saying Kid and Law are strong enough to be Yonko, Oda negged you all as he made Buggy, who was a Shichibukai for certain reasons now a Yonko.

He gave you the message, but you can't understand as usual. Buggy is Yonko for same reasons why he is Shichibukai. But Kid and Law are not :goyea::steef: Take the :jackcopium:


Welcome to the House of Hope
Sanji won't fight in the war against the WG, he will be absent just like in Dressrosa, while Zoro fights some Vice-Admiral he can easily defeat after a big buff guy yeets him. But it's hilarious to see the switch up from Sanji vs GB to Sanji won't fight an Admiral, which just proves that people legitimately thought that GB would be some fraud pseudo-Top tier; but shockingly he's strong (who would've guessed) and now we're back to the usual bullshit.
Imagine that.....

But on a serious note.
The thing that makes me adamant on Sanji fighting an Admiral, is that Ryo's quirky talk with Fujitora about "pretty gals" and "I don't even bother eating because it's boring" makes it look like he was tailor-made to fight Sanji.

I've said it before, post-WCI I started to feel that Oda completely shifted his original plans for Sanji and started to give him more oriented plots. First with the Vinsmokes, then Queen talking about MADS. Suddenly Sanji's got this connection to one of the most anticipated characters in the story, aka Vegapunk, who I've always thought would be a Franky/Chopper related character, and introduces a character that immediately makes us remind of Sanji due to his first "appearance", aka Ryokugyu.
Don't know about others, but I'm hyped about it.
Doflamingo assaulted Fujitora and was comfortable he could deal with him later. But the thought of provoking Kaido shook him to the core. Also, when Doffy abandoned the Shichibukai when faced with the options of either going against Kaido or having the admirals being dispatched, Law said that acting in favor of not messing with Kaido was the only logical choice for him.
Clear cut case of Doffy being delusional. He's getting murked by a YC1 let alone two commanders or someone that beats two commanders. Overconfidence is a thing.
mean, certainly an admiral is above a Yonko right hand man, but the Yonko have been portrayed as the peak in power. With Kaido being the world's strongest creature, different sources calling him strongest too, with Oda basically putting Kaido > Akainu in the SBS, and Shanks being his peer, fighting off Kaido before Marineford and confidently walking into the war to end it.
Yonkou and Admirals have been portrayed as the peak in power and that more than once. Well i don't want to get into points like Shanks entering MF as they open a totally new can of worms that leads into endless debating with no answer in the end.

This chapter proves how the Yonkou title is not strength related and thus Shanks can't just easily be scaled up to Kaido. In regards to the Yonkou everyone has their own feats now. The Admirals however are an equal group in power. Feats can be given around as they all have the same level.

BM could be a mid diff for Kaido and they still share the same portrayal.
Zoro has yonkou, Admiral, WSS fights, a YC1 win, parallels with the strongest characters in the story. You're absolutely right, nothing is going to change. :cheers:
This mofo thinks scratching Kaido and getting sent by Fujitora into the ground counts as fights lmao.
Also what parallel? You mean Ryuma's parallel that Luffy stole? :gokulaugh:
They were 100% weakened, King was missing a wing and Queen an arm, no matter how much you try and deny it, they were weakened.

This doesn't change anything in the powerscaling community, AdmiraL fans blowing things out of proportion because an Admiral did something other than being made to look like a joke by Oda for once.

It's a good feat sure, would have been better if it wasn't done with unavoidable hax though.
Ladmiral fans are in delusion as usual :suresure: They seriously believe LOSER of Wano battle Ling and Queen recovered faster than WINNER of Wano battle Lolo and Luffy. :gokulaugh:
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