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CoC: Color of Clowns

Cocking Haki? In a Franky arc?
I think with stating that Aramaki merely finished of "weakened" commanders (something we don't even know) you guys are undermining how much this chapter changes the power perception in Op and the community as a whole.

For years this stupid YC1 being anywhere close to an Admiral been thrown around which turned out to be an epic fail. A shit ton of arguments were run with that premise backing it up.

I think it should be clear now that any YC duo is no match for an Admiral and we aren't even talking about the guy that in canon stands above Ryokugyu
I agree with the Beast Pirates, because their strongest forces work horribly together. Zoro/Sanji can fight together when necessary. King/Queen can't, their relationship is too petty. But, with the Big Mom Pirates? I think Katakuri and Cracker gives a TON of characters in the verse problems 1v1. I honestly think Katakuri/Cracker low diffs Fujitora.

I don't think Yonkou Commanders are supposed to be equal in strength based on tiers, but usefulness. Marco isn't as dangerous offensively as Queen/King, but he has a lot of great utility in terms of healing people.

Also, if it's off-screened, we don't know the condition King/Queen are in. If Queen has his arm missing and has his Cyborg parts damaged, and King has lingering wounds, it might have just been an easy fight for Green Bull.
"Complete dominance", that isn't what happened, stop being delusional, beating people with hax isn't dominating them, if he had say, speeblitzed and near one shot King then sure, that's dominating them, but that never happened.

You've not proven shit, they weren't at 100% because King was missing a wing and Queen an arm, leave it to AdmiraL fans to deny straight facts.

Not salty at all and nothing puts him above Big Mom yet, though I wouldn't even care if it did since she's arguably the weakest Yonko.
So you basically create your own condition of what beating a character truly means like speedblitzing and everything else doesn't mean anything because it doesn't fit in your category of how you see a dominating performance?

This reeks off much bias. This hax shit doesn't mean anything. I could label all devil fruit users as hax users and talk their feats down. Once ability can't be downgraded as hax as it's literally their ability.

What's aramaki supposed to do. Beat King and Queen bare knuckle?
Doflamingo assaulted Fujitora and was comfortable he could deal with him later. But the thought of provoking Kaido shook him to the core. Also, when Doffy abandoned the Shichibukai when faced with the options of either going against Kaido or having the admirals being dispatched, Law said that acting in favor of not messing with Kaido was the only logical choice for him.

I mean, certainly an admiral is above a Yonko right hand man, but the Yonko have been portrayed as the peak in power. With Kaido being the world's strongest creature, different sources calling him strongest too, with Oda basically putting Kaido > Akainu in the SBS, and Shanks being his peer, fighting off Kaido before Marineford and confidently walking into the war to end it.
yonko is a fraud
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