What the best thing in the chap ?

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Already deflecting with nonsense, let us know when Lanji fights, intimidates, hurts anyone above Jabra level. :suresure:
Luffy stole what? Joyboy could rival Ryuma, the Joyboy that is no longer in Wano. Don't tell me that Luffy gets carried by Joyboy's haki too? Seems likee you don't know how parallels work. :saden:
Luffy is Joyboy you daft cow.

Let me know when Zoro gathers the Samurai, avengers Yasui, kills Kaido and visits Ryuma's grave. :kayneshrug:

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Yes he beat two commanders, I never denied that, but how he beat them is just as important.
I love how when an Admiral neg diffs two Yonko commanders, your response is “oh we need more information, King and Queen still mid diff Issho”

But when Fujitora shows up with a bandage on from a fight that he apparently won, suddenly you seem to believe that no more information is needed and use this off-paneled fight to argue that King and Queen mid diff Issho despite getting negged by Issho’s equal in canon?

It’s almost as if you have no consistent powerscaling methods and are just determined to advance your bias despite getting ratio’d into oblivion with every comment you type? Lol

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Hes literally gonna fight Fuji. Kizaru does not suit a Zoro opponent.

Plus lets be real fighting Kizaru...will be like fighting Queen. Yall really want him to fight an idiot who will just spam lazers...
I think he'd fit perfectly as Zoro's opponent—Don't even compare Queen with Kizaru, please. IDK what it's gonna look but I think it narratively makes more sense for him to be Zoro's fight.

My biggest reasons are:

One, Kizaru had multiple interactions with the number 2s of their respective factions: Rayleigh, Marco, and Ben Beckman. Two, Kizaru's other number 2 interaction is with Zoro, who he almost killed and put a hole in him—Zolo has that score to settle.

The other not-so-strong reasons are...

1. Kizaru is a skilled swordsman. He is able to fight on par with Rayleigh.

2. Kizaru acts like a close associate of Akainu, a potential opponent for Luffy, just like Zoro is for Luffy. It's not like they're best friends or something but he appears to be the only admiral who actually listens to Akainu much like Zoro, who almost always obeys Luffy without questioning him.

3. Zoro's opponents these days are given similar abilities to Sanji: Shiryu has invisibility while King has crazy durability and fire abilities. Kizaru uses kicks and speed, so I think he fits the theme. Of course, this applies to GB too but I think Kizaru is the better option due to the aforementioned reasons.

I think Kizaru is a strong possibility; though nothing definite at this point.
I never use parallels as facts for anything lol hence why ZKK was always dumb for me.

And no these are not facts, those are your headcanon parallels facts
Yes, parallels are only used for ZKK. :saden:
Here's a free parallel for you, the strongest swordsmen in the story are CoC users and can use the advanced version, Zoro couldn't reach their level without it, another one? Rayleigh and Zoro have King as an epithet, because Zoro is to Ray what Luffy is to Roger, that's why characters sleep for a week and wake up at the same damn time and act the same damn way, parallels! :steef:
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