What the best thing in the chap ?

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Im so fucking tired of being nice to these cumguzzingly Ztards.

ZKK never happened. Most of the fucking bs yall whores spouted never happened. Zoro will always....ALWAYS fight the same lvl opponent as Sanji. This was his arc to stand out and he completely flopped in combat and narrative.

He cant carry shit. Cant carry in combat nor narratively. And hes a shitstain like most of his dickriding shitty fanbase.

@ShishioIsBack @L55 you're 2 big clowns who shouldve ran away like @HA001
stop barking you scare nobody
And lmao at @Chrono talking about ZKK Not happening

sAnJi vs KaTakuri
Sanji will Fight King
Sanji will get CoC

Ya'll delusional fucks have been eating shit since post Time skip started. Zoro fans predicting one thing wrong and ya'll went overdrive.
Have some fucking shame lao
Same as Sanji getting higher W than Marco ?

Sabo will be a bitch that no different to Marco. Dragon will be the same bitch.

Law and Kidd wont even be in the arc.
Yea sure
The MC's father and brother who Oda has saved for the very last saga of the story will be bitches while Sanji outshines them
Sounds legit

Law's dream is literally to find out what the meaning of the D is and Corazon told him he is the natural enemy of the CDs, he's 100% gonna be involved in the war and if he is then Kid will follow
I refuse to believe Sanji will fight an Admiral (top 4 fighters in the entire WG) because Sanji is never gonna get a bigger W than any of Luffy,Zoro,Kid,Law,Dragon or Sabo
As simple as that.
Celebrate the Queen W as much as you want, Kid/Law got a bigger W, so did Zoro.

Sanji beating an Admiral while Kid/Law/Sabo/Dragon fight some Gorosei fuckers who sweat at the thought of Nika just isn't happening
Oda always makes Zoro & Sanji fight opponents with the same title (CP9, Calamities)

Why would Oda stop the trend now? If Zoro fights an AdmiraL so will Sanji
Yh and what ? I took my L about SvK....and wanked Queen.

Your dumb bitchass friends like Lik and the other Ztards cant take their Ls and are in hysteria.

Before SvsQ all you did was wank King by saying he was even better than Big Mom You didn't give a fuck about Queen, and suddenly Queen became better than King in your little head? what kind of copium is it?
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