What the best thing in the chap ?

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- Ryokugyu’s real name is Aramaki, he can create plants and he can absorb people’s nutrients, we saw him using this against King and Queen.

That's intriguing, Sanjino's enhanced body is as risk
Those aren't bandages. That's shadows to censor his dick

You realize he just woke? Bandages don't disappear when you get better. You have to take them OFF
I still see it on sanji, and I don't think queen or king got treatment from chopper as far as i know,

Also we don't know the time occurrence of when he was there or if queen and king were in worse condition after their defeat
ZKK is biggest indidvidual L an entire fanbase can take.

The fact that Zoro doesnt even exist in his own arc is a even bigger one. You're all Oda's clowns lmaooo. Zoro is Luffy's bitch and willl never amount to anything.
What about Lanji?

He's Judge's biggest bitch, remember the time when he used to bully him n Lanji still needed his daddy to win 😭😭😭😭

Wait, he was brutally baped by those Okamas as well, he not only blows his daddy but every men.

Nobody can be a bigger bitch than Lanji:kuzanshut:
So you suddenly want Sabo to fights an Admiral? I thought Sabo vs Akainu makes no sense

Also why would side characters like Kid fight an AdmiraL over a main character? Sanji will fight an Admiral whenever you like it or not
Sanji is also a side character. Lufy and luffy alone is the main character. There has been arcs where there has been no zoro(cake island, boa hancock island, marineford) no sanji(dressrosa, boa hancock island, marineford) no usopp and no nami. Luffy was the only constant. Why is it so hard for some zoro tards and sanji tards to understand, I don't know. They are not the main characters. And yes they are expandable


Welcome to the House of Hope
A badass blind swordsman who summons meteors casually. the "Purple TIGER", the animal that some people like to constantly remind everyone Zoro's based on.

"bu-but my headcanon says kizaru is much stronger because otherwise if sanji fights Aramaki and he's close to fujitora, then people are gonna claim sanji is close to zoro and I cant have that despite the Admiral looking awesome as fuck"
What a tragedy....
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