What the best thing in the chap ?

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man Topi accuse me of writing fan fiction of greenbull defeating king and queen when he first saw the spoilers
‘He think the spoiler is fake until he realizes his error and apologize to me and kinyagi.

Never knew this chapter make people goes crazy on this and insane coping.
Wonderful, now we wait for the day Lolda stops fucking around and make Fujitora's haters cope endlessly.
A badass blind swordsman who summons meteors casually. the "Purple TIGER", the animal that some people like to constantly remind everyone Zoro's based on.

"bu-but my headcanon says kizaru is much stronger because otherwise if sanji fights Aramaki and he's close to fujitora, then people are gonna claim sanji is close to zoro and I cant have that despite the Admiral looking awesome as fuck"
What a tragedy....
Zoro and Sanji probably won’t fight Admirals anyway.
Luffy, Kid, and Law will fight the fleet admirals in the final war

Luffy vs Akainu
Kid vs Kong
Law vs Sengoku

At the very least Law vs Sengoku has some set up. Oda will probably let Kid beat Kong for the sake of pushing the rivalry stuff.
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