What the best thing in the chap ?

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King is the most versatile and strongest YC1 and your blatant hate for Zoro doesn't change that.

- Highest bounty
- Right hand of the strongest emperor
- Magma like flames like Kaido who used it as an ultimate attack
- Durability hax that allows him to no sell attacks such as "Lion strike"
- Wind slashes stronger than Kaido's demolition breath that wrecked the scabbards.
- Endurance to tank Adv CoC slashes of Zoro
- AoE with his explosion
- Movement speed equal or superior to even Marco.

Stop pretending like it isn't factual.
lol man hopped on king wank
you are quick
Read again.
Zoro beating King is a bigger W than Sanji beating Queen.
Because King > Queen
And that doesn't even factor all the shit Zoro did on the roof while Sanji was getting pegged by Black Maria :kobeha:
And Big Mom and Kaido are >>>>>> King so what's your point?
Defeating a Yonko > Defeating a Yonko in tag team >>>>> defeating King > defeating Queen.
Bullshit lmao
Most Zoro fans were like if ZKK happens it happens
Zoro already did too much

Going into Wano Zoro fans just wanted a YC1 or Orochi fight

Then Zoro shat all over any commander on the roof top and Oda had to artificially buff king up by giving him God Tier durability to make a fight longer than a stomp.

He ended up unlocking advanced CoC
Blocking combined attacks of Yonko
Scarring Kaido
And low diffing YC1

Where as you pitiful cucks have been eating shit for last 12 years predicting everything wrong.

There was no Ls, Oda gave us 100 hints that ZKK might happened and we said its possible, we were wrong.

Ya'll invented Sanji vs King out of the blue
Sanji vs Katakuri because they just looked at each other

Have some shame lmao

sInGle BiGgEst L

What Zoro has done on roof top alone EoS Sanji can't even dream.

The only thing Zoro did on the roof was scratch Kaido and receive shattered bones for his trouble. Everybody that was on the roof did not need a wonder drug to continue fighting.
To everyone who said Queen=King because their bounties were so close and all that

Do you now agree that Luffy=Kid=Law ?
I now agree that bounties are bullshit, but they are still representative of the overall strength within a crew

Katakuri's bounty was on a whole other lvl compared to smoothie and cracker's and so was his strength

King and queen's bounties are similar but king's above, and both their bounties are above jack's, and the same goes to their overall strength
Yeah, he has the power to have the power of a rubber man. Quel difference. What is the difference between, I have the power of "Spider-Man" and I have "the power of Spider-Man", practicamente es nada.

What changes is that instead of simply having the rubber devil fruit, he has the "rubber sun god Nika JoyBoy devil fruit"
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