What the best thing in the chap ?

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This guy is seriously obsessed with me

Hopefully he isn't trying to hack into the worst gen server to get my personal information
I first thought you were a cool guy and wanted to be your friend for real, I even talked to you in DM if you remember but unfortunately you turned out to be an a**hole who’s rude to others and doesn’t respect anyone especially if he doesn’t like your God Zolololo. So whenever I come across your profile I just smh as to how much of a sicko I found out you were:josad::josad:
And Big Mom and Kaido are >>>>>> King so what's your point?
Defeating a Yonko > Defeating a Yonko in tag team >>>>> defeating King > defeating Queen.
You might have an argument if it wasn't for the bombs. All they did was knock BM off the island. The bombs did most of the work.

It even worse for them when King is harder to damage than BM. Zoro having the power to damage King means he can damage BM.
Not really. Luffy could probably slap away Kidds Awakening with g5 and one shot him with Adcoc. Turning into a literal god and fighting them is unnecessary.
If Kidd himself mastered AdCoC and raised it to Yonko level then he is a frickin monster especially if Oda started being creative with his devil fruit and whatnot can possibly do
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