What the best thing in the chap ?

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I think the bounties make sense when you look at it in terms of accomplishment and not strength.

Luffy did 1v1 kaido... after kaido fought the scabbards, zoro, kid, law, killer, and yamato, all while holding up onigashima. Luffy also lost multiple times.
Kid and Law flat out 2v1ed big mom. The bombs helped, but the bombs were only a factor because of a situation Kid and Law forced linlin into. Law created a hole, Kid pushed her down it, had she not grabbed the bombs, Linlin would have still fallen into the earth.

Luffy's should be a bit higher and kid and law's, a bit lower. However, I take this as a message that Luffy didn't truly surpass kaido.
That makes sense. This way akainu, shanks, and teach can still be important without massive powercreep.
You might have an argument if it wasn't for the bombs. All they did was knock BM off the island. The bombs did most of the work.

It even worse for them when King is harder to damage than BM. Zoro having the power to damage King means he can damage BM.
Bro if pushing off BM warrants 3 bill each for Oda, that’s even worse for Zoro
He basically said fuck King, he worth nothing
Just give credit where credit is due, Kid/Law did 95% of the work and Luffy also needed help to beat Kaido
Kid/Law had no breaks, and was conscious til the end
Dude, One Piece is pure Shonen, while HxH is almost s Seinen...
believe it or not One piece was close to a seinen in the 90s, that was before it started being writtdn for a new gayer generation.

the manga starts off with a child stabbing his face and his best friend losing and arm a little girl falls down some steps ontp a sword, a guy eats his leg and a little girls caretaker is about to kill her for the fortune.
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