What the best thing in the chap ?

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Admirals hype being back will make WG matchups threads very interesting:pepelit:
Akainu is either for Luffy/Sabo/Dragon
Zoro is basically guaranteed to battle an admiral
Meaning there are only two admirals left for Sanji/Kid/Law and maybe Yamato
Who will get cucked out of a fight?:pepebusi:
Or you guys can finally dro YC1-3 nonsense levels
And accept YC1s arent equal
Oda never said that

YC1s like Benn and Shiryu are solid low top tiers
YC1s like zoro and Kata are inbetweeners (close to low top tier range)
YC1s like Killer, Marco and King are high high tiers
YC1s like Cabaji, bepo are mid tiers at best
Yes. King is much stronger than Katakuri as his bounty suggests.
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