What the best thing in the chap ?

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CoC and AcoC is not the same thing

I can also say killed tanked aCoC attacks from hybrid kaido

we can’t say either tanked even one acoc hit from big mom
Linlin is a confirmed ACoC user. She used CoC against kid and law off screen. Afterwards Kid and law pushed her so far that she sacrificed lifespan.

In any case, all those people who pretended that Kid and Law weren't pushing her to extreme diff were lying or huffing copium. Oda wants them to be low top tiers.
cope harder

linlin needed to sacrifice lifespan to fight kid and law. Meaning even with ACoC she couldn't put them down.
What cope? Adv coc has nothing to do with basic coc haki which we saw

You should take drugs because Oda purposely nerfed BM by not making her use adv coc on panel even once.

I mean how much effort it takes to draw adv coc haki trails? But oda never did that knowing mid will die
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