What the best thing in the chap ?

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This shouldn't effect how you scale Kid or Law to zoro, as despite his bounty, Oda clearly wants him to be a low top as well(as indicated by ACoC).

But people who still spam Kata>Kid/law need to stfu
B—but matchups lol
Matchups don’t matter that much for Oda, and no way in hell Kid/Law is lumped in together with someone 2 billion below them
Bounties aren’t accurate strength indicators but it’s not that far off either. He clearly values Law and Kid
Warlords primarily are supposed to scare low class pirates and destroy them, so in short term, Buggy made sense.
Yonkou though....
Buggy also had several 100M+ Prisoners from Impel Down and recruited Harjudin and his crew.

Now that he lost Harjudin him becoming a Yonko makes even less sense.

the "Large crew" excuse doesn't make sense , I Doubt Bepo is weaker than people who are weaker than Harjudin's crewmates. At some point Quantity becomes irrelevant

Oda somehow pissed on both Luffy and Kidd/Law this chapter, it's Bipolar writing
No.they aren't
No Yonko sees current or past admirals as a challenge , only Garp and Sengoku were
Tbf the Admirals don't see the Yonko's as challenges either, WB was called washed up by Akainu. Kizaru offered to go to Wano to take care of Kaido and BM. And now Greenbull is flying into Wano alone with no backup despite the potential presence of multiple Emperor level opponents.

Gol D. Roger

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So how does a dude with plant powers trash him easily since you need adcoc or some whatever AP?

So Wirh Plants, GB was able to overcome his flames and dura?
Why're you acting as if he beat them with a stick or something? He literally bypassed his defense via his ability to such nutrients. Why aren't you talking about it? High durability doesn't defend against such attacks in case you're not aware.
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