What the best thing in the chap ?

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We've been sleeping on Buggy for too long taking him as a gag character, but apparently it's not Teach or Kidd or Law that're Luffy's rivals to become PK but actually Buggy all along from the very beginning.

Oda, you mad genius. :finally:
Katakuri beats King lmao

Leave it to AdmiraL fans to do exactly what Zoro fans did and wank a character because it fits their agenda, in this case Ryokugyu beating King.
And you exactly downplay him because it fits your agenda. You don't care for Katakurim you would certainly put him below King if he was the one getting trashed.


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It's facts. WCI Luffy can't do shit. Don't pretend like you're in the right here.

What can Luffy do? 20 minutes of G4?
Shit wasn't even enough for a weakling like Doffy who gets mid diffed by King.
Doffy would destory King too

Luffy has FS so King is no longer a threat as well
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