What the best thing in the chap ?

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Can't understand you, guys.

Buggy as a Yonkou is pure One Piece humor, he managed out to be lucky enough to escape Impel Down with a lot of followers, escaped the FUCKING MARINEFORD with more followers, he turned out to be a Shichibukai.

He is simply LUCKY, and that's a comic part of One Piece that was always here in the manga. If Yonkou Buggy is true, then Oda is a truly master in what he does. This is hilarious.
Exactly. One Piece has always been first and foremost a comedy series with some serious moments sprinkled in there.

People should just sit back and enjoy for what it is instead of expecting it to eventually become like Vagabond or Berserk.
Kidd and Law have bad crews, if he wanted them yonko now he should have writen them recruiting beforehand

Im glad the new yonko is someone that will trigger power level kids too. Imagine treating a manga like its making tiers in a fighting game lol

omer with my Wano inconsistencies posts:crazwhat:

Thank God I touched grass in the meantime and realised I was reading a comic, not Wuthering Heights
Imagine using omer buzzwords "ironically" (that only discord kiddies and glowies use) at current year, not even using right..... and while having a cringe fujoshit avatar "Ironically".. Lmao a femcel thats scared of bazongas is the last person to talk about touching grass and omerposting in forums even ironically, you never left your basement.
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