What the best thing in the chap ?

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Be like sukiyaki

>hides for 20 years
>doesnt care about his careless son

>takes care of a small child instead

>doesnt recognize his grand daughter ( waste of time, focus on grind instead)

>doesnt go to the raid (too risky)

stays on the grind making swords and dolls for 20 years

(the gains are more important than family)

>wears a cool mask

Reveals himself


Sigma samurai grindset
Shit father and shit character
Wait a minute I thought Greenbull was the weakest Admiral and that he was going to Yamato the weakest after the Monster Trio? :crazwhat:

Zorobros and Sanjibros wanted none of that green smoke and wanted Kizaru but Agenda Piece strikes once again after spoilers.

Ryokugyu might still be the weakest admiral.

You can’t get out of this by saying he’s somehow stronger than the other admirals.
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