What the best thing in the chap ?

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Won’t lie I am mildly disappointed we don’t see Sanji’s and the rest of the SH’s bounties but at least we see Luffy’s new wanted poster

I’m hoping he looks somewhat menacing and like an actual threat I’m also happy we finally get long awaited info on the ancient weapon+Greenbull’s face reveal finally

Dk how to feel on Kid and Law sharing the same bounty as an emperor though……ig this may confirm someone like mihawk could actually have a bounty on shanks’ tier which is astonishing to think about
Perhaps Fuji and Ryo's potential is just too big

Keep in mind that with Akainu as the FA, the Navy had never been so strong like it is right now, and that is tied with Ryo and Fuji certainly

But since Kizaru is such a troll, and that clash happened post-ts, its quite understandable in a powerscaling point of view
"The 500 pirates that captured to vent his rage..."
"The Dark King stood in our way. Not even uncle kizaru could get past him"

I don't think kizaru is trolling

Zoro can use CoC freely and with any sword. No, it's not happening.

The wankers better hope King and Queen were not fully recovered. If they were, Oda just made the Admirals look even stronger and Yonkos (Kaido and Big Mom) look weaker and closed the gap between them and YC (King and Queen).

King and Queen both embarrassed Big Mom. While severely injured and weakened Zoro bested Hybrid Kaido in battle.

They better hope GB can absorb energy by touch alone. If GB plants have to pierce the body to absorb then Kaido and BM are done. If King's more durable body can't stop his plants than Kaido and Big Mom's durability won't stay a chance.
😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Zoro can't capable to use coc on other sword rather than enma.
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