What the best thing in the chap ?

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:milaugh:So in the end,
Normal haki is enough to handle King dura lol

Aramaki used koka + his df... King got trashed
"You need adcoc.."
If his is true
Oda just handed out the biggest L to Luffy, Kaido, Big Mom, Law, and Kid.

Luffy, Law, and Kid was never able to damage Kaido's body or even chip a scale. While Zoro scarred Kaido with just CoA. GB woukd easily pierce and cut Kaido and Big Mom into pieces since they are far less durable and easier to damage.

Admiral fans are eating good this week.
Glad you understand. 25 years of OP and some still didn't get the memo, no strawhat is going to fight strong swordsmen other than Zoro. Fuji and GB just debunked the Lanji vs Admiral dream btw. Stay strong warriors of science! :kobeha:
It doesn't matter. I always thought Sanji's opponent would be kizaru

Do you like the battle between GB and Zoro? Suit yourself:myman:
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