What the best thing in the chap ?

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Why would Oda give him a power up if he already had the AP to cut King?
Oda wanted Zoro to get ACoC.

Why would Oda have King say his ability goes beyond dragons and dinosaurs if he wasn’t more durable than Kaido?
Kaido's durability also goes beyond that of his DF, unless you believe momo is similarly impervious to damage. Kaido was tanking G4 attacks in base form as if they were nothing.
:milaugh:you don't need to match Zoro's AP
Marco could hurt king without koka or CoA...just mere g3 tier move

Now Ryokugyu washed King with mere koka + plant
Chopper make Queen bleed.

Yet stated his attacks didn't hurt Queen.

Either we acknowledge that a little bit amount of blood doesn't count as hurting someone. Or we count this and Marco's attack against King as more of Oda's inconsistency.
member: 8417"]:josad:but you need top haki... koka, ryuo..ain't enough ... internal attacks won't work.. powerful crushing attacks won't work
G3 tier attacks wont work
You need adcoc[/QUOTE]

Lol youre completely wrong. Advance haki would definitely hurt King hence Luffy wouldnt have any problems dealing with him. Hes only touch. But endurance and durability wise, hes weak. Bm and Kaido coudl take multiple attacks after it bypassed their toughness and they are still strong and can still fight. You hurt King in his weakness and his weak. Yet Zoro struggled. 😆
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