What the best thing in the chap ?

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Green Bull is literally a top-tier and a potential black-blade user, meaning he has top-tier Haki. The fact that he could do something that Rooftop Zoro can't proves his CoA is both advanced and crazy strong. Don't go around pretending like third grade Haki users can pull off shit on his level.
Dude calm down lol

we don't even know if it's a Black Blade

it could be painted black because it's another metal or some other color blade

but if it's a Black Blade, that's hype
Lol zoro could cut King....he bled him with onigiri

Keep crying
And you're overestimating Zoro's AP
King only blocked mid tier moves from Zoro

This chapter proves that King despite having advantage over plants as fire User, all it takes is koka to make him lose badly

Pre ryuo G4 will wreck King
Anyone with g3+ attacks will wreck King

Be happy, zoro didn't use his top moves like ISDS, Hyu kaen, Sanzen sekai, ashura vs King or else he'd be KOed.
Adcoc was too much for King to handle that's why mer mid move had him exhausted already
It’s impressive how retarded you can get. Zoro needed a massive offensive power up to beat King. He got a free shot on him with “one of his better moves” shishisonson and didn’t damage King at all. Same Zoro that was chopping Kaido up on the rooftop.

Greenbull doesn’t invalidate any of Kings feats, it just establishes his AP
Remember when people was saying
"zoro had top tier ap better than even big mom and kaido since before he fought king and couldn't even hurt him"
Even tho even before ryokugyu and before even zoro we say Marco hurting him lol
So either zoro AP wasn't top tier pre adcoc
Even with AdCoC his AP is not equal to admirals yet since GB easily took down King and Queen with just koka + basic df skills

Adcoc G4 ~ Akainu > Ryuo G4 ~ Admirals >= En Ou Zoro in AP
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