What the best thing in the chap ?

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Oda wanted Zoro to get ACoC.

Kaido's durability also goes beyond that of his DF, unless you believe momo is similarly impervious to damage. Kaido was tanking G4 attacks in base form as if they were nothing.
That’s endurance, he was being hurt by rooftop attacks but kept on going.

And yeah, Zoro needed acoc to pressure King. Zoro even calls him out for blocking instead of tanking like before. If Zoro was always capable of hurting King, it’d of been shown
Ryokugyu has a black blade, meaning he is likely a CoA master. Its entirely possible that Ryokugyu's AP with ACoA+mythical zoan is higher than zoro's ACoC attacks
So you don't need adcoc to surpass someone's AP

Zoro fans didn't get this.
That's why they don't realise kid and law attacks > Zoro's
These guys hurt BM , they pushed her close to her limits (endurance /dura wise)

Zoro only has lethality above anyone due to Enma
But AP? He's below Kid, Luffy, Admirals and Yonko. Even Law I
It’s impressive how retarded you can get. Zoro needed a massive offensive power up to beat King. He got a free shot on him with “one of his better moves” shishisonson and didn’t damage King at all. Same Zoro that was chopping Kaido up on the rooftop.

Greenbull doesn’t invalidate any of Kings feats, it just establishes his AP
As I used to say... After wano... Oda will just make something broken through DF or not explaining stuff like offscreening to keep things "interesting" For the readers.
People really sleep on Jack. He's by far Kaidos best calamity.

BTW, Jack beat the minks twice!

The sulong army on the roof, and the minks that jumped him while he was on his way to the scabbard after they got healed. Jack & the scabbards recovered, yet Jack had to fight the minks army again before his fight with inu. Whatever chapter he told Black Maria to fall back because the flying 6 couldn't handle it.

& it's crazy because if not for splitting the sky Jack would've won too!
Greatest calamity ever
Double/lovers’ suicide in the river of death

Probably a reference to one of Harada’s songs
Or the rakugo 品川心中
For everyone
Rakugo (落語) is an art form originating in the Edo period (1603-1867) that consists of telling comic books in the form of a monologue. It was performed in theaters called Yose.
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