What the best thing in the chap ?

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In the world of one piece it must be crazy to see some 17 years old making a pirate crew and 2 years later defeating the strongest creature and becoming a yonko in such a short amount of time ! He is the yongest yonko ever as far as we know btw.
I'm hyped specially by seeing the reactions of the world to what happened (dadan might still be crying due to sabo tho...)
"Cover Up"​

I'm more interest in buggy. Well, he already had Alliances such as ex-Hajrudin. Some
Of shichibukai had their own territory.

So several of his crews are already acknowledged for having 100+ million & a little of them are 300+ million, i guess that or they are being used to show the world (cover up) that no matter what, Emperors are 4 so they are stable.

Buggy says: Sorry Kid, Law, Katakuri​
What is this BS?

Where are the scenes where Luffy's G4 ACoC and ACoA haki breaks Kaido scales apart and into pieces? There aren't any because he can't even chip a scales with his AP.

GB AP >= Zoro KoH AP > rooftop Dead Man Game ~ Akainu > Luffy G5 ACoC ACoA AP.

Oda truly came swinging for everyone.
Zoro’s ap couldn’t defeat kaido yet his ap is greater than Luffy’s? Are you a ZKKer or something? Cause that would explain a lot LOL
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