What the best thing in the chap ?

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Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Dude calm down lol

we don't even know if it's a Black Blade

it could be painted black because it's another metal or some other color blade

but if it's a Black Blade, that's hype
Read again; I said, he is a potential Black Blade user. I did not confirm it. The rest of my argument revolves around the fact that he is a top-tier and that he broke King's defense, which Zoro couldn't with his CoA.

:milaugh: Until Oda hypes his CoA to be super great or be amazing...for now that's basic Koka not super Koka like Jinbei and Kata have
Assuming King has his defense up and if he breaks King's defense, he has a direct superior portrayal to Zoro's CoA, which is level 2 and far stronger than both Jimbe's as well as Katakuri's Haki.

GB vs ZORO spiklting the skies, upcoming
As far as I am concerned, Zoro's fight is Kizaru.
The only time choper made Queen bleed was when Marco was holding his neck in place.
Chopper said nothing seems to hurt him. Not, nothing except when he was held by Marco.

Fans have to either acknowledge that a little bit amount of blood doesn't count as hurting someone. Or we count Chopper's attack against Queen and Marco's attack against King as more of Oda's inconsistency.

I talked about this before and I don't understand why some have a hard time understanding this or accepting this. Oda makes small changes to the manga all the time.
If only there was a SH who had an affinity for Sake
Ryokugyu is the new King

both fanbases are finding things about him that fits their favorite

I do think Ryokugyu fits Sanji more, as a character this time, not just powers

with the ladies women thing, not eating, smoking, has a very expressive face and design
Zoro’s ap couldn’t defeat kaido yet his ap is greater than Luffy’s? Are you a ZKKer or something? Cause that would explain a lot LOL
I'm talking about after Zoro obtained ACoC and improved his AP. It's funny how so many don't want to Zoro KoH and Dragon Style AP. The only one to stick to an injured Zoro AP.

If you gave Zoro as many opportunities to fight Kaido and allow him to hit Kaido asmany times Luffy did Kaido would be dead.
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