What the best thing in the chap ?

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Green Bull is literally a top-tier and a potential black-blade user, meaning he has top-tier Haki. The fact that he could do something that Rooftop Zoro can't proves his CoA is both advanced and crazy strong. Don't go around pretending like third grade Haki users can pull off shit on his level.
If it’s true that is kokutou I’m 100% sure he has adv coc
Alright let’s end this “If Zoro got to attack then so and so opponent will be dead” thing cause it’s straight up nonsense

Axe Hand Morgan didn’t die
Kabaji didn’t die
All 100 whiskey peak bounty Hunters didn’t die
Kabaji didn’t die
The meowban brothers didn’t die
Mr. 5 didn’t die
Daz Bonez didn’t die
Ohm didn’t die
Kaku didn’t die
Ryuma was already a dead corpse
Kuma didn’t die
Mihawk’s Monkeys didn’t die
New world octopus guy didn’t die
Hody Jones didn’t die
King didn’t die and if someone like King couldn’t be killed by Zoro then why would you believe Kaido would die to him? None of the characters Zoro landed powerful blows on died

Zoro has canonically killed none of his main opponents yet you ZKKers keeps trying to preach it. Just let it go. Zoro can’t kill or defeat a Yonko, it’s that simple.
I see that my post completely went over your head.

I wasn't even talking about ZKK. You're posted is the result of Zoro living rent free inside your head.

I was talking about how you didn't acknowledge the AP Zoro obtained during his battle against King, a character that is more durable and harder to damage than Kaido.

Yes, if Zoro had the opportunity to fight Kaido as many times as Luffy had, 4 times, and hit Kaido with his attacks as many times has Luffy hit Kaido the he would have defeated Kaido. Luffy hit Kaido over 50 times, probably over 100 times. Zoro attacks have greater AP. Luffy couldn't even crack or chip a single scale. It took his final attack to break a horn that is not known to be as durable as his body.
And they grew from it, by end game they will individually be as strong as an admiral easily

Let’s not act like Luffy had a clean fight against kaido
People forget that Kaido basically took on a whole gang of people who are all high Vice Admiral level (Scabbards) by himself plus an army of Minks before taking on the Rooftop 5 before even fighting Luffy 1 on 1 all while making an island float.
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