What the best thing in the chap ?

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Not even close to comparable. Commanders are unsealing of emperors. Everyone knew sanji would fight them.

Admirals are different. Luffy said he has to beat emperors and admirals. Sanji is likely never fighting an admiral just like how he never will fight a emperor

And Sanji will get stronger. He's going to beat GB
Luffy himself called his attacks shallow while Big Mom and Killer acknowledged Zoro is penetrating Kaido's scales and Kaido acknowledged his attacks hurt. Luffy's opinion>>>Your bias.
Luffy called his attacks shallow yet still did better vs kaido than zoro

Zoro cried about lack of AP to nit knock Kaido down on the floor at least
He failed to even make Kaido be unconscious
Luffy isn't beating even 1 admiral at this rate

You gotta stop this nonsense claiming Sani won't fight admiral until it backfires

Emperors were always SN trio and Teach fights in their path for PK title
They are different from admirals
Luffy can easily beat an admiral 1v1 atp.

Sanji doesn’t fight war lords he didn’t fight emperors he likely won’t fight an admiral
Huh that's what you clowns have been saying for years and said again in this very same thread after seeing GB's look. Can't wait for Lanji vs Shiryu, Ben Beckman, Akainu, GB and whoever else smokes. :kobeha:
Before cover panel NO.2 that includes shiryu bunch of redditard is making theory he will fight Sanji bcuz muh invisiblity df Sanji dream:kobeha: then oda shut them up with cover panel, now just wait for greenbull confirmation to have forged black blade:ihaha::risitameh:
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