What the best thing in the chap ?

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Alright let’s end this “If Zoro got to attack then so and so opponent will be dead” thing cause it’s straight up nonsense

Axe Hand Morgan didn’t die
Kabaji didn’t die
All 100 whiskey peak bounty Hunters didn’t die
Kabaji didn’t die
The meowban brothers didn’t die
Mr. 5 didn’t die
Daz Bonez didn’t die
Ohm didn’t die
Kaku didn’t die
Ryuma was already a dead corpse
Kuma didn’t die
Mihawk’s Monkeys didn’t die
New world octopus guy didn’t die
Hody Jones didn’t die
King didn’t die and if someone like King couldn’t be killed by Zoro then why would you believe Kaido would die to him? None of the characters Zoro landed powerful blows on died

Zoro has canonically killed none of his main opponents yet you ZKKers keeps trying to preach it. Just let it go. Zoro can’t kill or defeat a Yonko, it’s that simple.
zoro is yc1 and gonna go down a bit after losing enma, also its a nerfed king and queen lmao
Zoro dismantled a YC1 in mere minutes.
Zoro is not losing Enma & he can still use ACoC without it so that hardly drags him down enough to drop whole tiers lmao.
And it's literally a week after the battle, they must be recovered significantly by now lol
If you say sanji fights and admiral you realize luffy has to fight akainu right? That’s how the formula works. Which is exactly why I said it’s very unlikely sanji fights one
Akainu is a fleet admiral not and admiral , seriosuly wtf is ur problem with sanji rent free in ur head like to downplay 24/7 , zoro and sanji got the same fucking chances to deal with an admiral , if not them then its gonna be luffy law kidd and sabo.
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