What the best thing in the chap ?

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Mr. Tuna Sandwich

SII - Sakazuki Incinerate Imu
The bandages literally mean he is still recovering.

Meaning he isn't at 100 percent.

European education systems everyone. And I assume you are from one 0f the better countries as well
"European education systems everyone"
Even with your "education" you can't follow the very simple plot of children comic 🤡🤡🤡
This is just the beginning for Admiral bros, theyll be getting more Ws in the future

King+Queen mid diffed Marco
GB neg diffed King+Queen+an entire troops

But but Admiral is as strong as Marco XD
I wonder how couldn't Kizaru neg diff Marco, Akainu couldn't neg dif Vista and Marco, Aokiji was stopped in it's tracks by Jozu only with interference he could beat him.
That is Kaidou's work but Oda's presentation for the fight was not executed well. He offscreened the brutal moments. Apart from tha, Kaidou didn't kill them. That's my main problem. There's 0 reason as to why he should left them alive. Kaidou managed to kill MC but not the scabbards? Wth?
We saw so many Thunder Baguas on screen from Kaido
Oh wow Mihawk, Hancock and Weevil.

You do realize the alliance is injured too as well rightL
Sent a decent amount of people after mihawk, Weevil, buggy, boa and her army.

Also the alliance had a week to recover.

The current forces at wano might not be enough for the alliance, not the entire navy.

Both sides aren't at their best right now
Yup, solely due to portrayal and not feats. I'll respect Oda's presentation that much.
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Lmfao you're the one who brought it up and is rambling on like a retard about it. The sooner I get you to stop talking shit the better.
Are you okay?
King got trashed badly by admiral despite having Queen and other BP pirates
Punk kid (no awakening) didn't get negged by BM nor Kaido!

Kid overpowered BM, hurt her...has way better feats

Stop reading 2 pieces
King has zero feat above Kid
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