What the best thing in the chap ?

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i'm not powerscaling

i think you're missing the point lol

i'm talking about hype, interesting info from the chapter

having the bounty of the three be the same, and Luffy was already a yonkou is boring

so that's why i mean Buggy's info is the best
I was not referring to you about the powerscaling but speaking in general.

Because there's people like @AdmiraLLinyagi and this guy
YOOOO where you fake ass Shanks fans at??????

Show yourselves

yOnKo tItLe iS pOw3RL3V3L bAs#d

Sit ya ass down

MIHAWK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SHANKS BOIIIII

who go NUTS with powerscaling rn

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
I knew the Yonkou fans would cope but not to this extent damn. The meltdown and forced opinion that "everything's alright" really makes you guys come off as desperate.

Nothing is alright. We know it, you know it and probably Oda as well.
I knew they would cope this hard lol, Yonko fans are the most deluded OP fans that exist.
Ill go down with the ship calling that luffy/law/kidd spoiler fake. I refuse to believe thats true.

The WG knows for a fact luffy beat kaido alone because CP0 witnissed this, plus with the nika fruit, it just makes no sense you cant even justify it, it's just forced shit writing to try and make kidd and law appear as pirate rivals when they wont be relevant again after this arc.
I'd really love to see a post one piece oda comment on what the admiral bounties would be at there peak if they were pirates

To me akainu is the top by a fair margin
Akoiji under but relative

And then the rest pretty high but not like 4 bill tier but in the low 3 bill to 2bill
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