What the best thing in the chap ?

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Shanks probably had something to do with making Buggy a Yonko, while he was in meeting with Fleet Admiral Lakainu's SUPERIORS Gorosei. He might have some plans with Buggy. :endthis:

Probably Shanks's arc is coming, before even Blackbeard.
There is something that is puzzling me about Kaidou
Wano has been depicted as a Play where almost everyone plays a Role

Kanjuro/Traitor - Kyoshiro/Denjiro - Shutenmaru/Ashura - O-Kiku/Kikunojo - Komorasaki/Hiyori - Momo/Adult Momo - Drake/SWORD Captain - Luffy/Nika - Sanji/Sealth Black - Tenguyama/Sukiyaki - Big Mom/O-Lin - King/Lunarian - Queen/Cyborg - Jack/Fishmen - Yamato/Oden ... etc

There are dozens & dozen examples of Characters having Two Identities, Secret Allegiance or simply not what they seem to be.
So i'm just wondering if this also applies on the Main Villain of this whole Saga & the guy whose name translated to Card & also Joy Boy

With the reveal that Road Poneglyph was hidden by Tenguyama, could it be that Kaidou was hiding something?
Is there some Secret about his Identity, Past or Allegiance?
If oda now tries to make Admiral too strong(after what we saw in MF)...it is going to create more mess for him to handle...I am guessing...as earlier...he has to make the remaining obstacle super broken/too strong even if it causes inconsistency so that story doesn't get affected...I mean technically Luffy defeated WSC...there should be no shounen obstacle at all for them now...but then it won't be a shounen.
In MF the admirals weren't going all out, none of them used their awakenings because they were trying to protect the island, if they used all their strength then they would've made it an even bigger mess than punk hazard

We saw how much of a power boost df awakenings are, so the admirals could very well be that strong


Can somebody tell me in logical sense why Sukiyaki just left his position and was not imprisoned by Orochi??? Why didnt he met with Oden when he came back from his voyage?
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