What the best thing in the chap ?

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Gear 5 Luffy will run through an admiral. In fact Base Gear 2 and Gear 3 Luffy from chaoter 1037 will do it.

IN FACT, Oda brought Greenbull here to show us how strong Luffy is without using his Gomu devil fruit and only using haki.

Greenbull is here to show us how Luffy will fight Balckbeard withour his devil fruit.

He is Luffy's hype tool to show the world luffy has arrived.

If you want Admirals prestige to be in tact, you better hope Oda keeps them away form Luffy.
No, he's not running through an admiral. If you think Oda introduced to Admiral just to have him destroyed by Luffy you are fooling yourself. People thought Luffy stood a chance against Kaido at the beginning of Wano when Luffy first face kaido and we all saw the results of that. I'm not saying GB would destroy Luffy in battle but it will be an eye opener for some and give us a greater understanding of admiral strength and why they are skilled and powerful.
Pictures are a 1000 words:

Kid clearly doesn't care about not being a Yonko. He's partying with Luffy in the center.

Kin reunited with his wife, that's a cute little panel for them.

Denjiro, Inu and Hyou are all accounted for after being MIA last chapter.
it looks like Luffy dragged him, you can see his other hand in the air as in trying to grasp for something
Oda about Greenbull:-

D: We've learned about two new Marine admirals: Fujitora and Ryokugyu. I wondered why you went with "Fuji" (for light purple or lilac) instead of "Murasaki" (regular purple)? P.N. Aye-Aye Planet

O: Good question. I've made red, blue, yellow and green, so it's natural to go with "purple" next. But when I started trying that into a Japanese name, I had "Murasakitora" and "Shitora"...


Well, how about "Fujitora"? Now that's cool! That's all there is to it. More importantly, what's wrong with your Ryokugyu?! As it happens, I've already designed his character, and he's super-duper cool! I can't wait to draw him.

"I've already designed his character, and he's super-duper cool! I can't wait to draw him."
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