What the best thing in the chap ?

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Make wano have stakes, but no just easy smooth sailing for heroes, alabasta had more emotion and stakes, to a less villain and group/organisation + hundres of plot holes, like zoro stating to gather the wano samurai for the raid? That line makes no sense now, obviously zoro was supposed to have bigger role in wano, but it was cut for more useless characters oda likes to draw. Hack Loda
Dude , what does big role means ? your expectation is not realistic. You want zoro kill kaido , beat King , be hero , be leader of samurai bla bla.

Based on 20 years, you did not learn Luffy is the MC ??
At least you should have learnt from WCI .

Lakainu had HALF OF THE MARINE FORCES helping him against NERFED Marco + rest of the commanders without Jozu, the helps that Lakainu was getting includes Lizaru and Aokiji as they were focused on WB pirates not on BB pirates.

Old Rayleigh soloed Lizaru, and Lizaru said he needed to make certain preparations to capture OLD Rayleigh.

Prime Rayleigh + Rest of the Roger pirates couldn't defeat WB's Crew for 3 days:suresure:
if you think a bunch of fodder marine make a difference in the fight against the commanders then you are shitting on the commanders even more.
and marco was not with the handcuff anymore, no nerf.

and rayleigh is not a yc. do not use him to measure the level of people like marco katakuri or king.
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