What the best thing in the chap ?

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Sabo yes, Doffy hell nah! He didnt do shit against any admiral! Yeah he was flexing on Fuji, but if Fuji would fight him for realhe would get low diffed to be honest!
Maybe doffy will lose, but he will give serious damage to fuji. Look at the power he has. Entire island become string and event fujitora can't do anyting to his birdcage.
Buggy must have something really dangerous that threatens the WG so much.
Come to think of it, I guess Buggy's bounty will be above Luffy. If not, then Law or Kidd should be the Yonko instead of Buggy.

So bounty wise, Buggy > Luffy / Law / Kidd.
Government just knows Luffy is biggest threat among the 3 billion trio, so he is the one who makes it into the Yonko.
Luffy is rank 4 in bounty, while Law and Kidd can't make it. Buggy is at least rank 3.
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