What the best thing in the chap ?

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It seems, that Green Bull is after Luffy's head. and he will get himself defeated lol. don't tell Sakazuki and wants to be told that he did a great job :D lol i am seeing him getting the admiral decimated :D

Lee Ba Shou

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Bizarre, very bizarre. You would think Green Bull would’ve felt more strongly about getting Fujitora out of the holy land if that is the case.

Also, Green Bull is legit going to fight Luffy and co?? Yikes man. Either that means the Marines are going to lose an Admiral, or the 3 billion trio are about to run away from an Admiral lol.

Either way, this shit is about to get heated.

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No need to go after Luffy fans at least they are not as toxic as the zoro fandom.
I find Luffy and Franky fans (I'm an avid Tekking fan, his commitment to cringe gives me life and cringe) tend to be really chill, non-toxic people. I always liked how Franky matches Luffy's vibe, and never really acts toxic towards people. Even when fighting enemies, Franky is just so chill. We should all be more like Franky, and stop wearing pants be more easy going and positive.
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