What the best thing in the chap ?

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No need to go after Luffy fans at least they are not as toxic as the zoro fandom.
I find Luffy and Franky fans [...] tend to be really chill, non-toxic people.
Did you not see what went down in the fandom in the past two days?! Luffy fans were everything but chill because for once their MC was not presented as the almighty god throwning over everyone. Luffy fans cried left and right over a simple bounty - after they bullied other fans for months, because "things didnt went according to their headcanon". They also spoiled the weekly chapter highlights for everyone ruthlessly in the past months just to suck luffys d*ck. How much worse can you be as a fan?!
Just need a good explanation for what happened to kaido and big mom along with some wano lore and the climax will be very satisfying

This chapter resolved a lot of issues I had with it

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
Mutual respect for Fujitora, realizing he can't force Fujitora out of Mary Geose without causing a scene or Fujitora's stronger than Greenbull. One or more of these would be my idea tbh

Literally no idea what'll happen next. It'd be wild to have an actual drawn out fight with an admiral here. I do think that'd signal Greenbull's end though so I think that'd suck. No way is he taking on current Luffy yet alone having to deal with Law, Kidd, Yamato & Zoro around too. Unless he replenishes his stamina/regenerates by sucking people dry.
I highly doubt an Admiral falls here, now thinking about it. Especially with Green Bull calling a warship, it’s way more likely they’ll run away from him. The Admirals aren’t as mindless as Kaido and Big Mom, Green Bull will be a much more difficult opponent for the alliance to beat if he fights intelligently/optimally rather than just going for pride 1v1s lol.

But damn, glad Oda is finally giving Shrekazuki some respect, an Admiral who actually respects/looks up to him is a welcome change in pace from the cliche’d “everybody hates Sakazuki because he’s so evil!” characters lol.

The more I learn about Green Bull, the more fucking awesome he is tbh. This is Oda at his peak as a writer.
Oda tease the Bmps here,Big mom also about to come and we have Greenbull. Don't think that Greenbull will lose in his apperance so you guys can expect a huge twist soon, big shit is about to happen. Greenbull will get massive hype. And if Big mom shows up with her crew, she will also do crazy stuff for all what Kid and Law did to her
I like how you said big mom also goin come then say if she comes lol cus reality we know she dead
This ending sequence was hype

Page 16-17
Kid: the hell you getting me involved for!!
Here take a look!!
I came here to kill you…
I have no idea what happened outside but…..
Kid: … these are the new emperors
the “Four Emperors”!!

Red haired Shanks(SHANKS)
Strawhat Luffy(MONKEY D LUFFY)
Buggy the Genius Jester(BUGGY)
“Blackbeard”Teach(MARSHALL D TEACH)

Luffy?: whaaaaaa?!!

Ryokugyu: well well that’s some fun music coming from the festival ….
But the Navy isn’t in the mood for that, you damn kids….
The outside world is a mess….
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