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I saw the future, i saw a Logia fighting a Logia, a Paramecia fighting a Paramecia and a Zoan fighting a Zoan. Have we prepared ourselves for the basic shonen logic and upcoming power creep? :finally:

Three men stronger than Big Mom trying to stop an ancient evil possessing a fat deranged criminal from obliterating the world. The Awakening Theatre of the Final battle. Can Oda even come up with something better than this? Fuck Luffy vs BB, give me this dream battle. :steef:
Imagine thinking a technique called internal destruction is somehow supposed to break Kaido's scales which is external? Kaido not once acknowledged Zoro as someone who could fight him throughout his time on the rooftop.

Where as all it took for Luffy to receive that kind acknowledgement was the very first punch he threw Red Roc. Yet somehow we are supposed to believe that because Zoro managed to cut Kaido using a sword is somehow better than Luffy not being able to cut through Kaido's scales with his fists?


As for the devil fruit, Luffy made the Gomu Gomu no mi into an awakened devil fruit through years of training and experimenting with it. Pushing himself close to death before he got it to that point.

The devil fruit itself is only as good as the person who uses it. If Luffy's imposter were to use it for example the only thing it would be good for is stretching and it would never amount to anything more than that. But because of Luffy's ingenuity it became much more.
Internal destruction haki breaks things apart and into pieces from inside out.

If his AP was strong enough it would have broken Kaido's scales apart and scarred him.

It took Luffy multiple fights for Kaido acknowledged Luffy as a worthy opponent. Kaido didn't acknowledge Luffy strength on the rooftop the first time. He was just surprised Luffy learned to damage him in a short amount of time. Zoro only fought Kaido once in a 1v1 and Kaido acknowledged Zoro's power to scar him.

DF automatically give users powers. Kaido pushing Luffy to a near death or death experience caused Luffy's DF to away that gave instantly Luffy more powers.
Yeah no disrespect but "Luffy" and "one-shotting" in the same sentence doesn't really fit lol
Yeah even if luffy and kid fight lufy will not be going gear 5 out of nowhere. Thats really not his style. When the fight drags on to gear 5 oda will buff up kid by probably giving him some power up to fight some time against gear 5 luffy and justify it by saying that kid unlocked it during 7 days time skip. Some might hate it but Oda likes kid and wants him around. There is a reason he also got 3 billion bounty
Luffy=God Of Sun/Zoan= Pirate
Dragon=God Of Rain/Zoan= RevolutionArmy
Aramaki=God Of Forest/Zoan= Navy
Imu=God Of Earth/Zoan= World government
I feel like this is where Oda is moving with his hint from the past, every fractions has one of these Gods.

I think everyone has D in their name
Lmao troll

You don't know what happened at Reverie, yet you say:

''It's pretty clear that it has to do with what happened at the Reverie ''

How do you know its ''pretty clear'' has to do with Reverie you troll when you admit you don't know what happened? How could you possibly make such a stupid statement? :suresure:
We know something huge happened there. Only a complete moron wouldn't realize that this is what had a major impact on the world. It's literally the event where the most influential and powerful people in the world of One Piece gather. if shit goes down there it could change how the world functions. You are not the brightest candle on the cake are you?
  1. Zoro's Shishi Sonson was too fast for Apoo to perceive anyways. It put him down and had him on wobbly legs. The same attack later blitzed King a YC1.
  2. With Tatsumaki, which Zoro used against Kaido's entire Dragon body, he can cover up several biscuit knights at once instead of targeting them piece by piece.
  3. Ryuo is the requirement and the force behind the attack determines how deep the cut penetrates. None of the scabbards managed to slash (slash and not pierce like the scabbards did) through Kaido's scales but Zoro has done so with Kaido mentioning how it hurts him. Furthermore Zoro has Enma to boost exactly what you referred to which is the force behind Zoro's slashes.
So, am i now led to believe that Zoro is incapable of casually slashing through Crackers biscuits because feats definitely say the opossite. And i say it again, Zoro is a far,far,far and far better matchup against Cracker than Luffy was who relies on brute strength for 20 minutes effectively countered by Crackers stalling fighting style.
Zoro was a better match up BECAUSE HE HAD ADVANCED ARMAMENT EMISSION/BARRIER haki at the time.

Luffy did not have that Armament haki skill at the time.

So it has to do with Haki not match up.
So who y’all got on GB fighting next? My bet is on Law since Luffy and Kidd are there partying, Law is the only one we haven’t seen in the chapter and probably the only one who can give GB a real challenge besides those two. GB is also going after the captains so we should see some kind of clash between them.
I don't think so if he neg to yc and Zoro barely beat King and he's is the strongest of the three you know all them working together won't change nothing, plus GB knows luffy beat Kaido and yet he is so confident he can kick his Ass also
being honest i think King and Queen have not recovered yet , and secondly Zoro and Sanji are stronger , Sanji is fast and has damn good observation haki he will not be caught that easily
and Zoro has good attack power.
Yamato could spar with her father for a while so i doubt that GB is stronger than Kaido
and Jinbe Fishman Karate can affect the water in the plants too.
being confident ? he clould have been being misled by the fact that King and Queen didn't have much power. he could be arrogant too. Sakazuki warned him for a reason.

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
Good stuff honestly. How would you fit Borsalino in this group of characters though? As the trust worthy subordinate who once stood toe to toe with him? I don't think its a mere coincidence that every character Borsalino has clashed with were Right Hand men - Rayleigh, Marco and was shown right next to Sakazuki multiple times in movies etc,.
Yeah he’s like the right hand man. Kizaru is the only Admiral right now who’s decisions won’t actively backfire against Akainu-as I do think that even if Green Bull is not defeated, his extremist actions will have a detrimental effect on the Government’s relationship with Wano.

So you have Fujitora who actively opposes Akainu’s agenda, and Green Bull who supports that agenda too intensely, who both end up arguably hurting Akainu’s agenda more than helping it,

And then you have Kizaru who is smart enough in his duties of an Admiral to do the job without his actions backfiring onto Akainu I think.

Gol D. Roger

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No you don't, a week is week and a week is seven days. That is the definition of a week. A few days refers to less than a week (more like 3-4 days which is about 1/2 the time of a week) otherwise it would simply be "a week".
I guess everyone knows a week is 7 days. I agree with you if you're trying to say people prefer calling 7 days as a week instead of calling them a few days, but there is no set number for a few days. Literally, no one questions you if you call 8 or 9 days a few days. A week is just a more specific term while a few days is vague. That's about it. It's not that important though, so have it your way.

By comparison is there any rule that suggests a wound has to be there by a week/over a week?
I don't recall any OP character requiring more than 7 days to fully recover from a fight. If I recall correctly, Alabasta Luffy recovered in 3 days (the rest of the Straw Hats recovered in less time than that) after his showdown with Crocodile and that was an extreme diff fight.
Well, I did not suggest a week must pass for a wound to disappear. I am saying it could take less or more time than that based on how bad the wounds are while you're making it a rule that all Zoans must recover from all kinds of damage within a week, which is a groundless claim.

We're usually not given an accurate account of how long it takes to fully recover for a character after getting damaged. And saying it never happened won't really help in proving in it isn't happening now. Zoro took two days to wake up after Thriller Bark and then they traveled several days to Sabaody, where Zoro was struggling to keep up against the Pacifista because he didn't fully recover.

But I thought we were talking about comparative damage in respect to comparative levels? :goatasure:
If they took the same amounts of damage from similar attacks, then you can always bet an ancient Zoan would recover quicker than your usual Zoan, who in turn, recovers way quicker than your average human. That's how it is supposed to work as far as I can tell. Lucci took high levels of damage for his standard while King and Queen took too much damage for their, i.e., ancient Zoans, standards. So they too are gonna take some time to recover depending on how bad the damage is.

And? Kaido was scarred. King was rendered unconscious and lost a wing. King has had a longer time to recover and his comparative recovery is more similar to the pummeled Lucci than to the merely scarred Kaido.

Dude should still have recovered after a week though.
Also, seeing a Yonko Commander referred to as "someone this weak" just looks wrong. Lol.
King was cut badly too on top of getting crippled for life. King has an inferior fruit while he took damage from an attack that is of the same caliber as the one that scarred Kaido. That means it should take him longer than Kaido to recover just like how it would take Lucci way longer than King to recover from the damage that King took this arc. I called King weak compared to Kaido, not in general.

If the bloke wasn't 100% comfortable with human biology then he wouldn't have made himself a cyborg. Also, he doesn't even have to be as good as Chopper to fix himself and King up because guess what? :queenhear:

Ancient Zoan recovery. :funky:
Franky isn't a doctor. He still made a cyborg out of himself. You don't have to be a full-fledged doctor to conduct experiments on your body in OP. But I am not gonna deny the possibility of Queen's medical experiences for the sake of winning a pointless argument but he's no Chopper so you can't expect him to produce the same results as him even with the Zoan recovery.

Is it really gifted bodies when your list expands to more and more people? Or are you making something up to justify why the Alliance should be recovered but not the Beast Pirates for some inane reason?

Everybody in the Alliance is fully healed by now, right? Do the Scabbards or lower Straw Hats have supposedly gifted bodies as well? The fuck even is a gifted body?
The only people who recovered from getting more damaged than King and Queen are those who already demonstrated abnormally high recovery rates throughout the series like Zoro. The only new addition to the list is Kid because Law already proved himself back at Dressrossa. And a part of the reason why they got back as quickly as they did is that they have Chopper.
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