What the best thing in the chap ?

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I really believe Oda is setting up a Fujitora situation here, but this time it's different. Luffy was forced to run away in Dressrosa, but I don't think anyone is going to stop him here.

GB vs. King/Queen has a Trunks vs. Frieza feel to it. So Oda might be hyping up GB, for Luffy to defeat him, so GB saves face.
man Luffy is strong af rn, I am so excited to a see them clash, idc if its a small fight and not a all out one.. but damn we will need to wait for a whole month
It's sad that you even need to reiterate this as many times as you did. Should've been obvious from the very beginning.
It’s so annoying lmao.

I know this sounds super elitist and a lot of people will dismiss me as an admiral-tard, but I am actually baffled by how many people don’t understand the story.

People praise OP for it’s world-building when they don’t even understand the balance of powers.
No, the impact in Udon and the forest outside didn't happen at the same time, so he must have created the first before entering Udon. And the fact that he's making plants sprout as he walks towards the capital suggests he did something similar in Udon too.
Why would Ryokugyu do that? Why would he have created an entire forest in Udon just by walking, but only create a few flowers in the final panel?
I think everyone misinterpreting the king and queen vs greenbull. Because as we saw greenbull used his ability extensively through the udon(i doubt he did that because of some f**king benevolence). I think he fought king,queen and the udon prison guards. They did push him to some extent to use his abilities(as we can see this by looking at udon prison panel). but they still ended up being defeated. Also we don't know whether greenbull can heal himself since plants can regrow and some sort of healing abilities and sucking nutrients means he is getting himself energy. i think he will not use it unless his energy got somewhat drained which again implies that he may have fought to some extent.

Gol D. Roger

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Why would Ryokugyu do that? Why would he have created an entire forest in Udon just by walking, but only create a few flowers in the final panel?
We don't know why he did that but he's doing that—He's already making things sprout around the capital as he walks towards it. For all we know, it could be that he created a forest to prevent any escapes.
I always said Marco > Ling, and even made a thread about Marco vs. Ling + Queen,

However, Greenbitch negging Ling and Queen has to do with them being PRISONERS in Udon ffs, if not its obvious they didn't even use Zoan due to not recovering fully, Ling didn't even put a mask on his face yet, he literally kills his own men for seeing his face, yet he didn't find something to cover his face in Udon? That's how nerfed they were.

It says former prison in the narrator box. I already asked @AwakenedCabbage
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Is he doing this out of kindness? because he is a nature lover? because he wants to help Wano? I don't understand Green Bull's reasons
He’s so powerful that it’s happening as a byproduct of him fighting.

Like Aokiji and Akainu in Punk Hazard.
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