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Not in TCB’s translation. Just the reason isn’t to see Luffy.

Momo’s future title box said “despite lacking strength he would become the greatest shogun.”

Maybe Momo can negotiate here but I don’t think Aramaki has the personality.
So yeah, unfortunately I think Aramaki is going to be a Shanks and RHP pirates hype tool.

It will be interesting to see what happens.
Very much doubt that Ryokugyu will be hype tooled so soon after his introduction.

But I wouldn’t be surprised at Momo pushing him out to sea, him seeing Shanks and realising he can’t take on him + his crew + Wano + the Alliance and skedaddling.
Akainu's got his work cut out for him and I can't wait till we see him back in action.

Everything relevant about Shanks and crew has already been said I guess. As far as his smile in that arm-losing panel goes, I don't see it as being evil at all.

In that moment he was just prepared for what he was about to do - bet his arm on Luffy and his future. He was resigned on losing it and the smile was more sad than evil.

Also, him declaring it's time to go after the One Piece will be a point of contention for sure. What did he mean? Personally, I think he meant the times and circumstances were such that goimg after the One Piece rn is of paramount importance.

He did not necessarily mean that the Red Hair Pirates are going after it - the same declaration can also be directed towards Luffy and his crew. Shanks now knows Luffy is at the summit of the pirate age and it is expected that Shanks might give him a hand (heh) to make that final step.
Ryokugyu won't be reduced only as a hype tool for Momo but the "Yamato stay out of this" line from him obviously implies that we're due for another important moment from Momo probably regarding his physical strength this time