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|One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoiler Summaries and Images|

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Caribou vs Kizaru soon
I wasn't going to create the topic yet because it seems absurd to me that people are leaking things on a fucking Sunday (not even the Shonen Jump before the return of One Piece has been officially released yet...) but since I'm seeing that you're going to fill the forum with questions about Spoilers in topics where it does not belong, I prefer to create this week's Spoilers topic and let everyone do what they want.

Very brief spoilers, thanks to TalkOP.

- Chapter 1054: “Emperor of Flames” (it is the name of Ace's "Entei" attack).
– The title is related to Sabo.
- We know the news about the death of a character, this news is also related to Sabo.
- Aramaki is a Logia-type Devil Fruit user.
- There's no break next week.

Tomorrow, Monday, I planned to publish much more complete and detailed Spoilers to celebrate the return of One Piece after the month of rest. But stuff like this puts me off, so I'll wait to post my full recap when it's time.
-Chapter 1,054: Entei
- Color spread shows the 4 Emperors of the Sea (Luffy, Buggy, Shanks and Blackbeard)
- Ryokugyu has the Mori:Mori no Mi logia
- Yamato hit aramaki in his head
- Shanks is on the shores of Wano Country, and say : “It's time to go for the One Piece"
- The news says that Sabo has killed Nefertari Cobr
- Sabo and the Revolutionary Army successfully helped Kuma.
- Sabo is called Emperor of the Flames
- end of chapter, akainu talk to new character

Source : @Orojapan1
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From Redon from PirateKing :

I confirm 100% that the position of " Kurouma " (or Black Horse ) is that of head of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service . I have already modified it in the 1st post as well.

I clarify it because the " chief of the "Internal Affairs" section of the Navy " that I said this morning sounds a bit like an American TV series and it was not 100% correct. I like to be as specific as possible whenever I can, so I'd better change it.

The fact that he is investigating everything that happened at the Levely is correct, but that is much longer and touches on several topics. So I'll explain it 100% in my recap tomorrow.
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