If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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How is he a scavenger? A few years back if Djokovic and Federer dropped out of the title race, would Nadal have been a scavenger for going after the title?

The Shanks 'doesn't want to be PK' thing comes from the Ace novel where it's stated he had no desire to be PK. It wasn't based on headcanon. People had legit reasons to believe so. Oda changing direction now doesn't suddenly turn previously good beliefs into headcanon.
didnt even recall the ace novel said that .
that analogy wouldnt hold water if nadal actively went up against them for the title .
whats more accurate is in tourney's where roger and novak participated , nadal ducked the competition, letting someone else do the job of taking them down, then only going after those titles when they were out of sight.

shanks really wanted the title but didnt want to go after the bigger competitors because he is smart . honestly the worst generation in that regard are the only ones that are gutsy .
Revolutionary Army's been quite underrated for a while. I expected a bit more from them since it's been over a thousand chapters but their stuff at Reverie was pretty impressive. They got Kuma and left? Fuji was in bandages, I expected Sabo to be captured or something but I guess they are tough enough to fight then leave. Great on them and I can't wait for Monkey D. Dragon to show his stuff considering he's the leader of this group.

Aramaki against Yamato and the scabbards sounds great but Momo telling Yamato to stop is kinda disappointing though potentially interesting. Hopefully Aramaki faces more strong opponents.
Actually nice dialogue
Perhaps the scene will be Nami and Jinbei coming across Arlong in chains at Mary Joa. So that Nami gets to have her closure and Jinbei gets to see his old crewmate again. With Nami holding such a speech while Jinbei in also present, that would make for a fantastic emotional moment :jinbewat:
Great point, Jinbei being there would make it much more impactful. Jinbei's greatest regret is not doing more to stop Arlong from falling into hatred. Arlong witnessing the human he imprisoned and a Fishman he was close friends with working together to save him might be enough to break his racist mindset, and accept Nami for who she is.

For as much as we clown him, Oda is one of the GOATs for a reason. He wouldn't introduce Jinbei and Yamato to the crew this late, unless they were going to be big players. Yamato and Jinbei are now (assuming Kaido is dead/dies by the end of Wano) the strongest known Oni and Fishman in the series. They've got a lot of weight on their big-ass shoulders.
You can even boost all 3 top top tier level

You guys claimed every admiral >> commanders

So why would 3 YC level helping Sabo mean much?

GB words were bogus.
Admirals look bad vs underlings
He was only talking big against handicapped calamities who happened to be the weakest YC duo.
I just you missed the rooftop battle. And don't give me that "they were holding back" BS because that means the same thing can be said about admirals.

Plot controls everything.
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