If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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I don’t think so man. Every spoilers has a big fat text that says “confirmed by redon” that clearly suggests redon is the spoiler lord of one piece community. Do you really think they would let him go and instead care about who’s giving redon the info? They can literally arrest him and make him spit the info out.

Even I as a common man on the internet know about the status of redon in the community. Again it’s like the same situation as news reporters finding Obama with ease but not the FBIs.
I'm just telling you what's been explained to me by some leakers in the past.
Personally I don't care about their success story or anything else but I wish the spoils providers would wait until tomorrow to post the spoils because now we have to wait a few more days depending on the mood of redon :sérieusement:
You know that there's not only Redon providing spoilers/summaries? Someone else could do it too if he's butthurt
Also no one should withhold info just because it could "offend" Redon, what a bunch of whiny nonsense
It's the same as e.g. not being able to criticize China because you might get sanctioned ecnomically as a country, it's just stupid
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