If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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So was Sabo framed or did he actually murder Cobra? The way Akainu and them were talking about it makes it look Sabo did kill him
They are talking about what was stated and not what was actually investigated. Black Horse is clearly questioning the veracity of it all. He mentions that when "God's Knights" showed up, things took a turn for the worse.

Btw that's another unknown group now lol.

- Level 6 Escapees (if that wasn't dropped, but mentioned again in DR)
- God's Knights
- Rest of CP-0
- Anyone else under Kong?

Black Horse also basically is confirmation that we have like 4 more Marines with Zodiac codenames too lol
Shanks having an entire flashback from Wano, to the moment he got the Gomu gomu fruit to the meeting with Luffy, all that to make a detour aiming for the ONE Piece before meeting Luffy sounds like a massive death flag for him

Seems like in his attempt to handle the issues in his territories caused by Barto, he might meet his desmise meeting Blackbeard
Oh it’s a massive death flag. And shanks knows that based on his I don’t plan on meeting Luffy. He thought back to his first sacrifice for him Before going forth to his last sacrifice.
That's probably exactly what happened, they snatched it, are about to leave but parts of the crew still want to see Luffy and co
A little weird though, Oda could have drawn a scene with Shanks in the room where the RP is and have the same dialogue, just having Shanks appear basically at the end of his Wano visit is a bit underwhelming idk
No read the dialogue, it implies they never landed in Wano, just crossing the sea. So either he took Kaido's RP years ago, or he doesn't need it.


In defense of admiral fans, Sabo is being set up as a protagonist-level character, so there's no surprise if he beats the strongest people.

On the other hand, an eight year old boy is wrestling Ryokugyu to the ground lol.
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