If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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Lmao so the short summary was exaggerated af. They took a corpse and then ran. The admirals being there in mariejois and protecting the Kings and CDs, stopped them from going all out.

I remember some mfs on here saying a subordinate can't overshadow their captain/leader. Well Sabo has lol, so much for that idiotic headcanon :milaugh:
I told you that the man got King on his bed, even Luffy and Zoro are so weakened that Kinemon thinks his ass should fight instead of them. :suresure:
Still... Dragon Momo is just as strong as Kaido, hype for the Admirals. :myman:
The summary is so hype:steef::steef::steef::steef::steef::steef::steef::steef::steef::steef:

Ryokugyu is evil af, damn. That guy is ruthless.
Sound even worse than Lakainu:gonope:

My biggest fear has come true, Sabo will outshine Dragon and become the main Revo character.

But people around the world worshipping him as their inspiration is cool NGL.

The Shanks part, while exciting, is confusing still.
The Shanks being evil theory is far from debunked.
What an absolutely amazing chapter

- Alright. I'm giving some major props to Yamato here for actually wounding Ryokugyu but i think this will just be used to introduce his healing ability once he sucks up their nutrients.
- Ryokugyu's ability sounds amazing and who does not love his personality?
Finally someone that doesn't have an issue with Killing people!

Kurouma went on confirming what everyone already knew which is that the Admirals were nerfed in the holy land. Akainu is just not up for excuses lol.

Akainu will take care of em all

What a beast of a chapter
Men some people really jumping the gun to start shit on greenbull and for what ? His main forte isnt durability like kaido , wait to see if he wins them before you judge, besides , kaido is the strongest yonko probably, the only marine who should equal or stronger then him is akainu or aokiji.
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