If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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Who the fuck are the Knights of the Gods. Probably the inevitable consequence of having too many good guys I guess lol. Now Oda needs to balance it by adding relevant characters on the other side.
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What happened with mihawk joining shanks you buffons?
But but he knows shanks
? Why make it seem like that can't happen at all before Laugh Tale and the final war? Laugh Tale isn't next and Shanks is going after Bartolomeo. There is still plenty of time for anything like this to happen. So no, logically I wouldn't have expected Shanks and Mihawk to team up only a few weeks after the Reverie if they aren't near each other.

Maybe actually wait until we see Mihawk and his intentions too? Lmao

Are you just that hard-headed or can't comprehend the logic?

GB can beat Yamato of course
But he won't win here lol

You're just coping
Base Yamato is already a problem for GB per his own words

Keep coping "yamato doesn't have adcoc" "yamato sucks"
She got a clear headshot and didn't do shit. This what a free headshot looks like

Oden is a beast physically too. He could beat bears at 4 years old. Momo inherited his "strong body".
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