If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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Honestly the Admiral downplay is so insulting. They've had to fight holding back a lot of the time.

Marineford their own home base naturally, Sabaody (although Kizaru was still pretty reckless despite how precise his abilities are ironically) and Dressrosa where Fujitora showed the most care and precision too ofc and finally at the very holy land itself, the homeland of the very people they serve so dilligently, so devoutly even.

I've not read the full summary yet but it would make even more poetic sense and thus more convenient for Fujitora to hold back here.

It felt like he was deliberately holding back at Dressrosa ofc and he seems the most "gentle" and cautious Admiral too but at the same time/then again, he does like to call down meteors randomly too LMAO! Definitely got a bit of simlarity to Mr Collateral Damage Akainu there too!

Fujitora having to hold back due to where he is is the perfect excuse for him to not fully devote to the cause so to speak, to deliberately do an "inferior" job of trying to protect his "masters" as he cannot risk them getting harmed as a side project/collateral damage of his own fighting style, especially calling down meteors and making freaking sink holes/abysses and such lol.


Time to read the summary anyway!


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Cobra died offscreen. Offscreen deaths are real. Pagaya "died" on screen
All I'm sayin is that we're hearin a lot about Cobra being dead but we never saw the deed actually being done nor his body being shown

well, the theme is new gen surpassing old gen.
I'm still salty we'll neverget to see goat Dragon in action going all out
One day hopefully
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