If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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Oh so you're resorting to that like the ZKKers

I'll be back in a few weeks then
That's a shit on a stick comparison and you know it. Kiku can say whatever she wants about Izo at any point before they leave and it wraps up their story.

Also, like, who the fuck cares lmao. This shits really got you hard to cherry pick what you hate about the series. I know you have a little notepad on your PC reminding you of this shit
Sounds like a hell of a chapter.Can't wait for the pics.Shanks not meeting Luffy is probably a trick to make Luffy go after him.Luffy vs Shanks will happen at some point if BB doesn't kill him first.So what do you guys think Shanks will do to go after the One Piece?Does he know the location of the red poneglyphs?he should since he was on Roger's ship...
Wow, Aramaki is a total piece of shit.
I am really interested to see what turned him into a classist/racist like this. Fujitora seemed to enjoy his company heavily, and Fuji doesn't really like assholes. There has to be a reason Aramaki is like this.

No wonder he loves Akainu, a known war criminal who has no problem murdering innocent civilians in order to appease tyrants.

What a twist, can't wait to see the emergence of Green Bull's edgelords spouting stupid Darwin-nonsense.
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