If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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Aramaki wouldn't compliment her haki if he can just casually neg diff her, he knows he would have a hard time against her.
Shit argument. Kaidou complemented Scabbards' haki, casually neg diff'd them combined.
All Yamato has done is throw an attack on GB when GB was fighting the Scabbards.
Wait until they actually fight. Not saying he'd casually neg diff her (even Kaidou couldn't) but he'd stomp her regardless.
Pretty positive no Admiral fans claimed Yamato could not injure Green Bull, lol.

What we are pointing out is that Green Bull and Kaido both took equivalent damage from Kaido when durability is supposed to be Kaido’s specialty.

And also that Kaido screamed through Momo’s bite like a bitch while Aramaki tanked his bite like a Chad.
they manufactured that argument
because its the type of braindead argument they would have said when talking about kaido or big mom who were mysterious till recent years.
we literally saw the admirals werent untouchable 10+ years ago.
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