If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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Prove it. She fought him as a (mostly) complete equal.

Prove it
They clashed and her thunder bagua lost to his iirc
She was in hybrid form when she performed most of her feats towards Kaidou, but when she slammed Aramaki she was in base form using a nameless attack. Oda him self has said and proven that zoans get much stronger in hybrid and full forms. This is true for any transformation in one piece, basically. I have an essay explaining this: -Zoan transformations increase strength, instinct, etc. And full transformations make them achieve their peak strength, speed, durability, etc. This is by extension the same with most transformations in One Piece as seen with people like Enel and Big Mom.
-We see this when Yamato transforms and slams Hybrid ( hybrid but not fully transformed ) Kaidou and iirc makes him cough blood, completely serious in this context and is trying their all to hold off Kaidou until Luffy arrives.
-Yamato, in base form, uses an unnamed attack against a fully transformed, completely serious Admiral. Admiral falls to the ground, praises the hit, and grits their teeth. Should be noted that said Admiral isn't bleeding since plants, to my knowledge, do not bleed. Yamato seemingly is not completely serious in this battle and has reliable back up this time, thus saying she was using a full power attack or an attack on par with her transformed attacks is simply wanking due to the logic and proof Oda previously provided showing a transformed zoan's attack is far superior and more dangerous than a base attack. Also shown when Kaidou was only able to slightly injure Luffy with a Thunder Bagua during the final rounds of their battle before the gear 5th awakening, but a transformed Kaidou used an updated Thunder Bagua and shut down Luffy's heart, forcing luffy to awaken to live from it. Basically, Yamato's feats against Kaidou are far better and nigh uncomparable to the unnamed base attack she did to Aramaki.


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No they wouldn’t blue flames are factually hotter than magma

How are you in college yet you can’t understand such a simple thjng?
Lol imagine being so dumb to apply real life thermodynamics physics to literally Oda's series:josad:

Not to mention in real life magma actually truly smoothers flames depriving them of the oxygen source.
Stop jumping to conclusions bc you wanna jump on the hate wagon for internet points. Yamato and momo aren’t clapping anyone. And zoro literally had to hold his haki back throughout majority of the fight bc he didn’t understand Enma so his attacks weren’t even at full power until he went into koh. And king didn’t make zoro collapse, the drug did. Funny how you brought up zoro using the drug but ignored the fact that it put him in that dying condition in the first place
LOLING at the cope.:lulz::pepecopium:

Careful you don't overdose on the cope.
Complain with Oda. Zoro said those words. You are against manga.
Nah copiun. Zoro never held back still got low diffed by King till Enma carried.
I think Imu is just a political figure and nothing more. I would rather see Dragon fight Sakazuki. Also kind of cool that they are both 55 years old.
You are all probably right.Just another spandam/orochi type of character.But it would be way cooler if he was some ancient guy from the void century whose is above the yonko/admiral level.Like the ultimate shield for the celestial dragons,there must be a reason why guy so powerfull as admirals obey the CD.In my headcannon,there is a guy out there that can low diff current know top tiers.
I don't think Kidd can blacken his scrap metals with his level of haki. That was never my point. You're claiming that he can't touch GB. Since when does hardening your body or weapon is the only means for haki to touch a logia?

Your point is also as ridiculous saying Law cant put haki in his DF abilities.
Lidd is a 100% DF baby, he doesn't have any skills outside of spamming his DF, how's he going to hurt a logia with punk rotten/vise wtv without having haki on his metal? Throwing steel beams at GB/logia won't do anything.

A giant figure is made by attaching metal all over his body! Using the metals advantage of heaviness and hardness, he can attack (the Yonko).
From his vivre card.


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I like the idea of Shanks being an antagonist

he doesn't need to be evil, just needs to be go against Luffy's beliefs somehow

would make it so much more interesting

but it doesn't sound like Oda tbh, especially after his latest interview

if he really wants One Piece to back to being a fun manga, Shanks being a good dude / mentor / idol for Luffy sounds like the way he would go
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