If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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The same Aokiji who murdered his friend seconds ago lmfao.

Aokiji is nicer than Akainu but he’s still awful in comparison to Fujitora.
His friend who's a deserter and was attacking navy soldiers. I said he value his friends but he also values his soldiers and if his friend starts attacking his soldiers and desert his post then its not like hes left with much of a choice. He also needed a reason not to have gone after Robin and taking out Saul was a good enough compensation prize for the navy.
Aramaki really went from "Rahaha go ahead and chill out here Fuji, I'm so lazy that I won't eat unless a pretty lady feeds me"

to basically a psycho willing to put every man, woman, and child on a pike to get Luffy just because he can and because they're outside the influence of the WG spouting off how they deserve to be discriminated in between

Talk about a good first impression for Wano country, maybe it might convince Momo to actually join the WG
Despite how crazy and wild he is I can’t lie…..I actually really like him

He’s actually a very solid antagonist imo
He values his friends, he values his soldiers, Sengoku recommended him and I view Sengoku's justice to be similar to Aokijis, he values doing the right thing but will still do his duty if he must.
Sengoku was the one who organized and authorized the Buster Call. As for Aokiji, he has black market connections, he’s allied himself with Blackbeard, and Doffy has heard bad things about what he’s been up to lately.

Aokiji is a neutral person. He’s made his mind up about what he wants, and his methods are very grey to accomplish them.
So King > Prime Rayleigh & Admirals due to "Flame Mode", yet the WG annihilated an entire race of his kind.

Nobody knows how his kind got erased. Fyi they have wings on their back similar to skypiea citizens, who are 99% likely to be from the moon. Their name is LUNARians. And they lived on land that definitely isn't native to the planet that one piece takes place on. Am I saying they're from the moon and some event led to them crashing down to another planet and probably dying due to certain events? Perhaps..
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