Who's the better troll?

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- Orochi alive.
- Kanjuro alive.
- Fukurukuju alive.
- Kaido is alive.
- Big Mom was confirmed alive already, right? If not, Big Mom is alive.
- Yamato confirmed as a Man.
- Yamato joins SH.
- Carrot joins SH.
- Ancient kingdom (Clover from Ohara) is indeed under Wano.
- Shanks is evil/marine.
- Momo uses/wake up Conqueror's Haki.
- the D. has indeed a dot. (Suck this streamer Sangoro dickshit)
I want Kanjuro to rule Wano pls
We got trolled by the providers, even after just yesterday I was telling Kinyagi how often these people lie. This shall not be forgiven

True victory cannot be known without first experiencing defeat

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Good thing I learned from that lesson last week spoiler

this week I did not fall for it hhhhh

I had a gut feeling spoiler provider is going to lie again
Not open for further replies.